What do we do?
We provide fixed price /fixed timeframe renovations for homeowners and property investors from kitchens and bathrooms through to full interior and exterior renovations.

Why Maintain To Profit?
It’s in the name. We bring together over 20 years of experience in the renovation market both for home owners and property investors (we are serious property investors). We focus on delivering your project to you using our significant experience within incredibly short timeframes and without ever blowing your budget. We have renovated hundreds of properties both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and we are the experts.

What is the process from start to finish?
Firstly we meet with you on site and discuss your requirements including expected rents, new valuation of your property after renovation, downtime for tenancy and what you want to achieve from your renovation, if you are renovating your family home we apply the same principles then we add in the (it’s our home factor) to ensure we maximize your enjoyment of your renovation for you and your family. Then we price the project for you (this is always a fixed price and never changes) so you have complete comfort in what you have budgeted and what the entire cost will be. The price will be for the entire project and not broken down , should you wish to proceed we then meet with you again and discuss the quote and provide full details on everything involved (we may offer several scenarios and options to cover your initial brief) and to ensure you maximize the return on your renovation investment.

When you accept the quote we start on the date agreed and finish on the date agreed every time. We can usually renovate a 3 bedroom standard property fully in 2/3 weeks (depending on scope) but including new bathroom and kitchen, paint, carpet and everything else required. If it’s your home we are working in we help you with a renovation schedule so if you are living there you can still function and run as a home for the period we are there. We fully manage all of the trades (sometimes up to 12 on a standard renovation or more) involved from start to finish, we source all of the materials and you can relax in the knowledge that you have the best team on board.

Can we trust that our money will be safe?
Client payments are staggered throughout the project to ensure both parties are protected and happy with each stage of the work completed. Click here to read testimonials.

What materials do you use or recommend?
When working with investors we use products that are purpose built for their renovation for instance a “buy and hold” will require different products than a property being on sold as tenants can be tough on properties. We work with New Zealand’s leading flooring importers, paint companies, kitchen companies and suppliers to ensure the materials we bring to you are the best for your project and also the most cost effective, that’s our experience being shared with you our clients thus saving you money at a later date. For home owners our experience helps you choose the products to enhance your lifestyle.

Can we provide quotes simply for painting or a new kitchen rather than a complete renovation?
Yes we can, Maintain To Profit does thousands of these types of jobs every year for our clients. No matter how big or how small your job is, we are there to help. Smaller jobs are handled differently as there is generally only one trade involved. At Maintain To Profit we “manage” the entire process and all of the trades from start to finish for our clients and that’s our real point of difference you only deal with us throughout how easy is that!

Are we more expensive then getting individual quotes from all the contractors?
Most people don’t realize the amount of time and cost (including their time) that’s goes into a renovation and they don’t factor those costs into the equation. We believe our quotes will be competitive with any equivalent quote from an individual contractor. However and more importantly you get what you pay for in this industry without a doubt and there is always someone who will do a job cheaper but at what cost to quality? We help you fully understand the whole package including vacancy and rental downtime, cost of not finishing a project quickly and creating equity from your project either as an investor or a home owner. No individual contractor can provide that advice or save you money overall as our company can. Contact us now.


Here are some facts on renovations in New Zealand:

1. Over 85% of all renovations carried out in New Zealand run over their expected timeframe.
2. Of those that run over their time frame 50% take twice as long or more to complete.
3. Over 90% of renovations exceed the client’s initial budget.
4. Of those that go over budget over 40% go over by more than 50%.
5. It’s estimated that up to 40% of contractors in New Zealand have no public liability insurance or the wrong type of cover or it is insufficient for the work they carry out.
6. Unresolved issues with contractors are the biggest issue in the disputes tribunal in many parts of New Zealand.
7. Both building new and renovating feature in the 10 most stressful things that happen in our lives.

While we understand many people want to “do it themselves” we also know that not many have the patience for the huge amount of time needed, can budget correctly, have the aptitude to manage numerous trades and source materials. So, if you’re a novice, unsure, need advice or want the experts, or simply don’t have the time and want someone to take care of it for you, then you’re in good hands with Maintain To Profit – we will take it from here!


Over 500 renovations completed for happy clients already how can we help you with your next project?