The 6 Biggest Maintenance Mistakes

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1. Chimney not swept annually

Potential Cost: Tens or Hundreds of Thousands.

Many people, both homeowners and landlords, don’t realise that they are required to get their chimney swept each year to keep their insurance policy current! In many cases, if there was a fire, and they can’t prove that the chimney has been swept regularly, the insurance company may be able to avoid the claim!


2. Roof not washed annually

Potential Cost: Thousands for a new roof.

A new roof for most residential properties is over $10,000 and can be much, much more depending on the size of your house. Without a regular wash and moss protection, the life expectancy of your roof could be halved, requiring a total replacement after as little as 10 years!


3. House not washed annually

Potential Cost: Thousands for an exterior repaint.

A simple wash every year can double the life of your paint, saving you thousands of dollars over a 10 year period. (The average house costs around $10k to repaint externally).


4. Gutters not cleaned annually

Potential Cost: Thousands, if gutters clog and water backflows into the house.

Water backflowing into your house can create major problems, and you wont know its happening until it has been happening for some time. When there are drips from the ceiling and water running down the wall, you have a major problem. Wall and ceiling linings may need to be replaced, framing timber dried out or replaced, and the effected area replastered and painted. All because the gutters weren’t cleaned regularly!


5. Property not secure

Potential Cost: Thousands.

If your property is not secure and you have a break in, it is likely to cost you hundreds in a best case (if you are insured, because of the policy excess and loss of no claims bonus) and thousands in a worst case (replacing whatever has been taken). And not to mention the emotional trauma of losing personal items that may have been family heirlooms.


6. No regular maintenance review

Potential Cost: Hundreds or Thousands in unexpected and unbudgeted expenses that “just crop up”.

Most commercial landlords know that a regular maintenance report done by a suitably qualified professional will save them thousands, by alerting them to small problems early, before they become major issues. A regular report also allows them to plan 1, 2, even 5 years ahead for major items that will need replacement or renovation, such as roofs, painting, and general modernisation. As the saying goes “forewarned is forearmed”!

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