More bang for your bathroom buck

More bang for bathroom buck

04 Oct 2017

Updating bathrooms is a key way to attract better tenants and higher sale prices, Jai Breitnauer uncovers the key products to invest in

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Effective networking tips for property investors

18 Jul 2017

Networking is an incredibly powerful business tool that has helped many investors achieve excellence.  Ask yourself this: Could you be doing yourself a great disservice by not taking networking seriously?

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Kitchen Renovations

Renovate a kitchen for profit

12 Jul 2017

Renovating a kitchen to raise the property value is a great strategy, but be sure to put your money into the right places, writes Amy Hamilton Chadwick

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How to raise the rent by 10%

How to raise the rent by 10%

13 Apr 2017

We look at the key do-ups that will riase your rent by 10% without risking vancany. By Diana Clement.

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New laws around property investment deposits

26 Sep 2016

News for property management - Auckland banks raise the deposit It’s no secret the housing market is appealing to property investors. A rental property in Auckland is a hot commodity with its appealing anticipated returns. But new restrictions have made it harder to purchase property. How will it affect your property management?

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Are You Spending Enough On Home Maintenance?

17 Feb 2016

We have a lot of money tied up in properties, but many of us are penny-pinching when it comes to maintaining them. The Reserve Bank estimated at the end of June last year, households collectively owned equity of about $490 billion in housing, making it the largest store of household wealth.

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Hit The Deck

12 Nov 2015

As quintessentially Godzone as hokey pokey and jandals, the deck has become an integral part of our laid-back kiwi lifestyle – and renters value their decks every bit as much as owner-occupiers do! Louise Richardson reports.

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Get Right Consents To Make Garage A Home

22 Oct 2015

Thousands of garages in Auckland house teens, grandparents, tenants, businesses, games rooms, media rooms, home gyms and more. For many homeowners converting the "wasted space" of a garage into more usable space makes sense.

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Love Thy Roof

15 Oct 2015

Careful material selection and good maintenance are the keys to a long, happy relationship with your roof, as Margie Macalister reports.

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The Quick Lick and Flick Reno

15 Sep 2015

So far in our series on renovations with different budgets and strategies, we have covered a DIY on a shoestring and a rejuvenation of a long-held rental done in a jiffy. This month we look at a renovation on a property purchased with the intention of adding value and then selling for a profit. Carolyn Cossey reports.

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